RainStik DrizzleStik Flex

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  • Protect your clubs- durable nylon material with patented deep canopy design and protective inner liner protects your golf clubs from rainy weather
  • Extendable club-like shaft- it has a telescoping umbrella shaft is 54" extended length and 36" collapsed length made for easy storage in golf bag side pockets
  • Spring top- the spring top allows the canopy to pivot in any direction to pull your club out of your golf bag
  • Classic rubber golf grip- classic rubber golf grip, allows golfers of all skill levels to quickly and effectively protect their golf clubs from rainy weather
  • Perfect gift- the drizzlestik flex is a perfect gift for your favorite golf enthusiastic

DrizzleStik Flex's unique spring top allows for quick access to your clubs. Ever have a full-sized umbrella blow out of your bag? Ever chased a trash bag down the fairway? We all have, that's why the DrizzleStik Flex was developed. The best part of the Flex? A spring feature allows you to push the canopy aside, grab a club, and allow the Flex to spring right back into place. It could not be easier. Flex makes it possible for rainy days to still be great golf days.