JEF World of Golf Premium Club Brush

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  • Nylon and wire bristles
  • Golf brush with groove cleaner
  • Carabiner clip attaches to your golf bag

Keep your clubs clean and ready for the green with the Premium club brush! This golf club cleaner can handle grooved and smooth surfaces!

Part Number: JR409
Color: Black, Red
Product Dimensions: 7.75"(H) x 0.75"(W) x 1.5"(D)
19.69 x 1.91 x 3.81 cm
Product Weight: 0.12 lbs. (55 g)
Package Dimensions: 11"(H) x 2"(W) x 0.25"(D)
27.94 x 5.08 x 0.64 cm
Package Weight: 0.22 lbs. (100 g)
Package Contents:
1 - Club Brush
1 - Carabiner Clip
UPC: 022275004095
Warranty: 90 days