JEF World of Golf Swing Groover

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  • Get your swing in the groove with the JEF World of Golf Swing Groover
  • Swinging solid golf ball provides instant directional feedback
  • Lower your golf scored by developing swing consistency and rhythm
  • Three height adjustment settings accommodate for woods, irons, and varying lawn conditions
  • Equally effective for both right-handed and left-handed golfers. Great training for any skill level!

Conquer the course with the JEF World of Golf Swing Groover golf training aid. Striking the ball causes it to swing around in circles on its tether cord. A straight hit results in a straight spin while a hook or a slice will be shown by off-center spins. When the ball stops spinning, it is in position to be hit again. Since no time is spent shagging balls, more time can be spent concentrating on proper form and technique. Repetitive practice leads to the development of good golf habits and will both exercise and condition the muscles used for playing golf. It develops additional good golf habits as well. Because the ball spins in place there is no instinct or desire to look up after the ball. You'll automatically keep your head down to see how well you hit the ball. Make that a habit, and it'll transfer to the course. There is also a natural tendency to swing through the ball to make the ball spin in the correct plane. On the course, this leads to truer shots. The Swing Groover truly is the golfer's secret weapon.