JEF World of Golf Hazard Deluxe Putting Mat

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  • Non-directional turf
  • Bunker
  • Water Hazard
  • Inclined ramp develops true firmness of stroke
  • Unique ball return channel to automatically return the ball every time

Practice putting year round to lower your score with the deluxe putting mat! This putting mat offers the most accurate surface available outside of the green. You can practice your put continuously anywhere!

Part Number: GS1075
Color: Green, Black
Product Dimensions: 108"(H) x 4.125"(W) x 13.58"(D)
274.32 x 10.48 x 34.49 cm
Product Weight: 0.26 lbs. (120 g)
Package Dimensions: 15.74"(H) x 5.5"(W) x 20"(D)
39.98 x 13.97 x 50.8 cm
Package Weight: 3.33 lbs. (1510.46 g)
Package Contents:
1 - Putting Mat
UPC: 022275110758
Warranty: 90 days