JEF World of Golf Swing Fan

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  • Increase your swing speed for more distance and control on the course
  • Develop strength, muscle memory, and proper swing techniques through wind resistance
  • Helps improve extension and perfect a smooth swing path
  • Designed for right- or left-handed golfers of all skill levels
  • Be on your way to a better swing technique, longer drives and lower scores

The JEF World of Golf Swing Fan is one of the easiest and most effective products for increasing distance and control available anywhere because the four-finned design works on the principle of progressive air resistance. The faster you swing, the greater the resistance you feel - producing maximum resistance as you swing through impact. Using the Swing Fan is so easy, just grip as you do any of your clubs, with your regular stance and setup. Keep your eye where the ball would be and swing in your normal swinging motion 30-40 times to strengthen the wrists, arms, and shoulders. Accelerate smoothly through the ball as well to add power and consistency to your swing. This improves tempo, body rotation, and increases club head speed which translates to longer, straighter drives on the course.

Part Number: GS1035
Color: Gray, Black
Package Contents:
1 - Swing fan
UPC: 022275110352
Warranty: 90 days