JEF World of Golf Pro-Stix Alignment Poles

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  • Lightweight fiberglass poles
  • They help spot problems and improve your form
  • Easy to practice any aspects of the game
  • Makes practicing easy

Pro-Stix Alignment Poles help golfers of any skill level improve their game. Proper use of these lightweight, fiberglass poles as a regular part of your training routine can help you spot problems and improve your form and stance.

Part Number: GS1026
Color: Orange
Package Dimensions: 51"(H) x 1"(W) x 1"(D)
129.54 x 2.54 x 2.54 cm
Package Weight: 0.59 lbs. (266 g)
Package Contents:
2 - Alignment Golf Sticks
UPC: 022275110260
Warranty: 90 days