Bodyxtra Hard Medicine Ball

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  • Textured non-slip rubber surface provides excellent grip
  • Durable construction for bouncing off hard surfaces
  • Inflatable for increased bounce
  • Color coded for easy identification
  • Build strength, increase flexibility, and condition your body

Add resistance to exercises, strengthen core muscles, improve strength and increase neuromuscular coordination with the Bodyxtra 8 lb Hard Medicine Ball. This versatile total-body training tool helps you develop muscular strength, endurance, power, stability, and joint integrity whether you're a pro athlete or a casual fitness enthusiast. Medicine balls are ideal for ballistic training (aka. power training) to increase explosive power for athletes in all sports. Make the most out of every sit-up, arm-raise, twist, lunge or squat with the Bodyxtra 8 lb Hard Medicine Ball.

Part Number: FT5078
Color: Black, Orange
Product Dimensions: 8.125"(H) x 8.125"(W) x 8.125"(D)
20.64 x 20.64 x 20.64 cm
Product Weight: 8 lbs. (3628.74 g)
Package Dimensions: 9"(H) x 8.375"(W) x 7.625"(D)
22.86 x 21.27 x 19.37 cm
Package Weight: 8.71 lbs. (3953 g)
Package Contents:
1 - Medicine ball
UPC: 022275050788
Warranty: 90 days