Professional Tee System (PTS) Evolution Golf Tees: ProLength & Mini-tees

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  • Yellow stripe provides input on depth to insert tee into ground
  • Made from durable, high quality ABS material, each tee is designed to last longer and provide a consistent hitting height every time.
  • Perfect for drivers under 360CC
  • Best for par 4's and par 5's
  • #1 Tee on the PGA Tour

Pride Professional Tee System (PTS) Evolution is a plastic performance tee engineered with special low-resistance tips that create less friction between the golf ball and tee - resulting in longer drives.

Part Number: CPEV23450
Color: White, Yellow
Product Dimensions: 2.75"(H) x 0.438"(W) x 0.438"(D)
6.99 x 1.11 x 1.11 cm
Product Weight: 0.01 lbs. (4.54 g)
Package Dimensions: 7"(H) x 1.5"(W) x 4.25"(D)
17.78 x 3.81 x 10.8 cm
Package Weight: 0.32 lbs. (143.34 g)
Package Contents:
40 - 2.75" Tees
10 - 1.5" Tees
UPC: 048929200781
Warranty: 90 days