Club Champ Golfer's Practice Net

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  • Sturdy nylon net stops the hardest of drives
  • Quick setup and breakdown so you're ready to go in minutes
  • Nylon-braided, knotless nets are lighter and less bulky than knotted nets
  • Lower your golf score while practicing in your own backyard
  • Save time and money with less trips to the driving range

Bring the driving range home to your own backyard. The Club Champ Golfer's Practice Net is a large weather-resistant nylon net that is designed to effectively stop all your practice drives - even your hardest shots. This net features fiberglass-reinforced plastic poles that fit together quickly and easily so you can practice your golf swing in no time. The net stops all shots, from pitch shots to the hardest drives and includes a detachable target flag to help you with your aim. Hone your swing and practice your big hits at home with the Club Champ Golfer's Practice Net.