Club Champ 40" Short Flexible Swing Trainer

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Do you struggle with maintaining a smooth and consistent tempo, poor timing and coordination, insufficient lag in your downswing?

The Club Champ 40" Short Flexible Swing Trainer encourages a smoother transition between your back swing and downswing, develop better timing and coordination by promoting a synchronized movement through your swing. Simply swing the trainer back and forth continually to warm up your swing before hitting the course, develop those all important core muscles, and improve your swing plane.

  • Perfect for strengthening core muscles or warming up.
  • Improves swing tempo, strength, and flexibility
  • Flexible shaft encourages correct form, weight transfer, and follow through
  • Perfect for warming up before practice or a round

Part Number: 9844
Color: Gray, Red
Product Dimensions: 40"(H) x 2.75"(W) x 2.75"(D)
101.6 x 6.99 x 6.99 cm
Product Weight: 1.4 lbs. (635.03 g)
Package Dimensions: 50"(H) x 2.75"(W) x 6.5"(D)
127 x 6.99 x 16.51 cm
Package Weight: 0.21 lbs. (95.25 g)
Package Contents:
1 - Swing Trainer
UPC: 022275098445
Warranty: 90 days