Club Champ Golfers Billiard Game

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  • Putting game that combines putting and shooting pool
  • Multi-colored pool balls and black and white putter, cue and golf ball color scheme for contemporary flair
  • Game for up to four players
  • Enjoyable for the whole family and friends game nights or events
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor everyday use

This putter pool provides durability with its plastic material and perfect for routine use. An entertaining game that provides versatility for switching between the gam of pool and or golf!

Part Number: 9531
Color: Black
Product Dimensions: 10"(H) x 2"(W) x 16.5"(D)
25.4 x 5.08 x 41.91 cm
Product Weight: 3.25 lbs. (1474.17 g)
Package Dimensions: 18"(H) x 4"(W) x 10"(D)
45.72 x 10.16 x 25.4 cm
Package Weight: 3.67 lbs. (1662.87 g)
Package Contents:
6 - Plastic putting cups
15 - Pool balls
UPC: 087705095319
Warranty: 90 days