JEF World of Golf Electric Putting Cup

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  • Adjustable for both short and long putts
  • Great for home, office or travel
  • Standard wall outlet plug in
  • Sleek Design and easy to use

An electric putting cup that returns the ball after each putt and is perfect for practicing your putting stroke wherever you are!

Part Number: 7920
Color: Black, Red, White
Product Dimensions: 11"(H) x 2.75"(W) x 8"(D)
27.94 x 6.99 x 20.32 cm
Product Weight: 1 lbs. (453.59 g)
Package Dimensions: 8.25"(H) x 3"(W) x 12.25"(D)
20.96 x 7.62 x 31.12 cm
Package Weight: 1.37 lbs. (621.42 g)
Package Contents:
1 - Electric Putting Cup
UPC: 022275079208
Warranty: 90 days