Martini 2" Martini Step Tees

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  • Consistent ball height
  • Virtually unbreakable golf tees
  • Gives golfers longer and straighter drives
  • Built in stop for the perfect teeing height
  • Evaluated by the US Golf Association and conforms with the Rules of Golf

The Step-up tees give golfers a longer and straighter drive off of the tee and last so much longer for those who break their tees easily!

Part Number: 2MX6PK
Color: Assorted
Product Dimensions: 2"(H) x 0.78"(W) x 0.78"(D)
5.08 x 1.98 x 1.98 cm
Product Weight: 0 lbs. (2 g)
Package Dimensions: 4.73"(H) x 0.95"(W) x 3.86"(D)
12.01 x 2.41 x 9.8 cm
Package Weight: 0.03 lbs. (13 g)
Package Contents:
6 - Tees
UPC: 804879489016
Warranty: 90 days